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What Were They Thinking

I saw this one in another blog. This is just hilarious. I hardly managed to contain my laughter when I was watching this video. Definitely a must see if you need to lighten up your day.


M4M said...

(OMG!!) I cringed more than I laughed I think - felt everyone of those LOLOL! Thanks!

Diane (BlogCatalog)

Mark said...

I did too. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.

Sue said...

What were they thinking is right! Some of those looked painful :( !

Dexter Francois said...

Man...I hope everyone was alright. My favorite was the reporter and the snowplow. The last lady who remembers to keep her arms extended even though she has a face full of sand is priceless as well. Thanks for the recent visit by the way. Good to see familiar people stopping by to say hello. Many blessings!